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Periodic Table of Podcasts

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The Periodic Table of Podcasts*

Click on an element to obtain a podcast for that element. Those elements with "dots" by them have podcasts associated with them as of 5/17/2007.

Directions for Subscription-  To subscribe to the RSS Feed for all of the podcasts click on the following iTunes image: This will allow you to download any podcast to your iPod!

*"Periodic table." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. 9 Jan 2007, 22:44 UTC. Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. 11 Jan 2007 <>.

Background:  In the second trimester at Cary Academy, Cary, NC, USA the 7th grade science students learned about atomic structure, basic chemical reactions, and the classification of different types of matter in their Chemistry Unit.  As a culminating project for this unit, students were challenged to created an innovative, creative podcast about an element on the periodic table.  This website is a result of those projects.

Purpose:  The purpose of Periodic Table of Podcasts was for students to learn about various elements on the periodic table by conducting research using the Internet and then creating educational and interesting podcast based upon that research using their tablet PC's, Audacity, and other technology.

Invitation: We invite students from any school to participate in the development of the "Periodic Table of Podcasts".  To participate, instructions are provided within this website.  There are very easy ways to create audio files in the classroom even if you have only a few computers by using Internet resources such as Podomatic or Odeo..  Audio files could be hosted on your school's server, various Internet resources, or other means.  Don't let the technology get in the way- for help and advise contact the webmaster of this site.  All we need is the URL (link) to your students' audio files, and we can add them to the Periodic Table of Podcasts!  If you wish to collaborate regarding your podcast project, e-mail Please complete the following FORM to enter your podcasts to the periodic table.

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Information About RSS Feeds

There are many ways to obtain podcasts (audio) or vodcasts (video) content delivered via the web.  One of the newest is using RSS Feed technology.  That said, there is sometimes confusion about how to use a RSS Feed.  Therefore there are three ways to obtain the Periodic Table of Podcasts Project.  We encourage you to try to "subscribe" to the RSS feed using the first method described below as a means of learning RSS Feed technology.  If you have difficulty retrieving the podcasts or vodcast, you are encouraged to e-mail the webmaster.

Easiest Way (If you have iTunes installed on your PC): Click on the following iTunes image-

Method 1.)  The new and improved way.  Use the following RSS Feed:  (Open iTunes, go to "Advanced", choose "Subscribe to Podcast", copy and paste the URL:  .

To see a tutorial on how to do this, go to:

If you do not have iTunes, download and install it before proceeding.  You need it!

Method 2.) There is another unique way to obtain the content within RSS feeds.  If you have Internet Explorer 7.0, just go to this link: .  I.E. 7.0 has nice RSS Feed functionality and you can "click and play" the audio!

Method 3.)  If you use FoxFire 2.0 or Internet Explorer 6.0 or older and do not want to use iTunes or RSS Feed technology, just click the links and play.  If one link doesn't work, try the other. If all else fails, copy the URL and paste it into your browser.  FoxFire 2.0 is a wonderful open source browser.  If you do not have it installed on your PC, we recommend that you give it a try!  (FoxFire 2.0 Download)

Finally, please comment on our above work and offer any suggestions, etc.  Just send your comments to  .