Project Background

Project Purpose

Project Handout/Rubric


"Compounds Explained"

Background:  In the second trimester of Ms. Todd's Science 7 class,  65 seventh grade students learned about atomic structure, periodicity, ionic and covalent bonding, polar and non-polar covalent bonding, and ions.  We created projects called "Compounds Explained", where every student received a compound and then researched it, scripted a screencast, and then created the screencast about the bonding of the compound as well as how it was used.

Purpose:  The purpose of the project was to have students gain a deeper understanding about chemical bonding by having them create a screencast, or short video tutorial, about how their compound bonded and how it was used in real life.  By creating a tutorial such as this for formative and summative assessment, there is evidence that it helps comprehension and analytical thinking about abstract concepts such as atomic structure and function.

Project Handout/Rubric:  The following document was used as a class resources.  It includes the rubric.: "Compounds Explained".

Tools:  To create a screencast on your mac or PC you have multiple options for software. You can use online resources or stand alone software on your PC.

Mac Options for Stand Alone Software: IShowU (very inexpensive) or Snapz Pro X for use along with the free iMovie or a higher end video editor like Final Cut Pro

PC Options for Stand Alone Software: the killer application of the screencast world- Camtasia, Camstudio (Open source and Free), or Windows Media Encoder (Free with Win OSs) for use for Windows Movie Maker or a higher end video editor like Adobe Premiere Elements).

Mac and PC options that are Internet based: Screencast-o-Matic

A new free application at the moment form the makers of Camtasia, and it is cross platform: Jing!

 1st Period

Aaron's Screencast- SiO2

Alex's Screencast- CaO

Brittany's Screencast- LiCl

Cannon's Screencast- CaCl2

Caroline's Screencast- MgCl2

Connor's Screencast- Br2

David's Screencast-SrCl2

Eric's Screencast- AlCl3

EricM's Screencast- CH4

Josh's Screencast- O2

Marion's Screencast- Cl2

Nicole's Screencast- CO

Nikki's Screencast- H2O

Patrick's Screencast- CaBr2

Sarah's Screencast- CO2

Sydney's Screencast- BaCl

Adrienne's Screencast- Li F

Richard's Screencast- N2

Alex's Screencast- CaO

2nd Period

Alyssa's Screencast- BaCl

Andy's Screencast- Li F

Anna's Screencast- CaBr2

CarolineW's Screencast- N2

Clayton's Screencast- Cl2

DavidJ's Screencast- O2

Elizabeth's Screencast- F2

Emily's Screencast- SiO2

Grant's Screencast- CaF2

Jen's Screencast- LiCl

Ian's Screencast- H2O

Julia's Screencast- CO2

Katherina's Screencast- CH4

Nathan's Screencast- CaO

Imraan's Screencast- Br2

Rabiya's Screencast- CaCl2

Thomas's Screencast- SiO2

Taz's Screencast- AlCl3


3rd Period

Adit's Screencast- SiO2

Alex's Screencast- LiCl

Billy's Screencast- SrCl2

Christina's Screencast- CO2

Colin's Screencast- O2

Courtney's Screencast- AlCl3

Jared's Screencast- CH4

Joseph's Screencast- CaBr2

Katie's Screencast- CaF2

Myra's Screencast- CaO

Nupur's Screencast- N2

Ruchi's Screencast- Br2

Zack's Screencast- H2O

Joseph's Screencast- NH3

Vicor's Screencast- CO


4th Period

Adam's Screencast- N2

Alexandre's Screencast- CaCl2

Bailey's Screencast- SiO2

Elizabeth's Screencast- CH4

Griffin's Screencast- Br2

Ian's Screencast- Li F

Jackson's Screencast- O2

Jason's Screencast- Cl2

Jordan's Screencast- CaO

Kjersti's Screencast- CaF2

Megan's Screencast- CO

Meredith's Screencast- H2O

Neal's Screencast- LiCl

Rachel's Screencast- CO2

Sahil's Screencast- SrCl2

Jen's Screencast- SrCl2

John's Screencast- SrCl2

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