This project is a production of the 7th Grade Class at Cary Academy.  While learning about electricity and conducting battery and elaborate circuitry experiments, the students chose electricity topics or historical figures in history, researched their their topics, and then developed scripts for their podcasts.  Using Audacity, the students mixed their audio files with music.  A rubric was used to guide the students regarding the creation of their audio file.
We hope you enjoy these podcasts and most importantly, learn something new about electricity as well as podcasting itself!

*Make sure the volume is turned up on your computer or that you have external speakers connected into the headphone jack.
*Download iTunes, as it is free, and is a great a digital audio/video player :

To listen to the "Plug It In Podcasts" you have three choices:
1.  You can simply listen the audio file on your computer from the webpage by clicking on it and opening it up in either iTunes or Windows Media Player.  Scan to the bottom of the page.
2.  You can subscribe to the podcasts and listen to them on your computer using iTunes and not transfer the podcasts to your iPod. (See the directions below)
3.  Preferable Method- You can listen to them at your leisure. You can truly listen to them as  podcasts and upload them to your iPod using the RSS Feed. (See the directions below)

Directions for #2 and #3 above:

a.  copy the URL for the RSS Feed (right click, "copy"),
b.  open up iTunes,
c.  choose "Podcasts",
d.  choose "Advanced" in the toolbar,

e.  choose "Subscribe to Podcast",

f.  and then enter the copied URL
( )
for the feed and press "OK".  The podcast will download to iTunes and will update itself!

You should see this:


g.  choose "get" to download the podcasts you want to download to your iTunes

h.  to transfer to your iPod, just plug in your iPod and the podcasts will download (make sure you have the most current iPod software update:

i.  note that if you click "settings" at the bottom, right hand of the screen, you will be able to change the settings of iTunes and even have it automatically check for new updates every hour.

*you can also adjust your iPod settings for podcast download but only when your iPod itself is plugged in!

Enjoy listening!

Direct Access to Audio files ( First listening method as described above.)
Electricity Concepts: Cost of Electricity; Cost of electricity addressed by K and A Power Company!
Electricity Concepts: Wind Power;  Wind can create electrictity..learn all about it from Louis, Andrew, and Shaun!
Electricity Concepts: How do lightbulbs work?  Maggie and Katelyn talk about light bulbs and electricity.
Electricity History: Alessandro Volta; Alie, Caroline, and Elyse discuss the life of Allesandra Volta.
Electricity History: James Watt; Power up with Kenji and Justin with a summary of the life of James Watt.
Electricity Concepts: Electrical Safety; Emma, Georgia, and Kathryn discuss electrical safety! Don't get shocked!
Electricity Concepts: Batteries; Batteries, batteries, and more batteries- Alex, Alex, and Austin tell you all about it.
Electricity Concepts: Electric Circuits; Series vs. Parallel circuits: Which is better? Hear about it from Matt and Jack.
Electricity Concepts: Electricity Basics; Evan and Lucas talk about basic electrical concepts
Electricity History: Ben Franklin and Thomas Edison; Radio talk show host, Austin, interviews Ben Franklin and Thomas Edison.
Electricity Concepts: Electric Motors; Learn about electric motors with Nick, Langston, and Yates
Electricity Concepts: Fiber Optics; Andrew and Trevor describe the technology behind fiber optics.
Electricity Concepts: Fuses; Learn about fuses in your home and elsewhere with Erin and Elise.
Electricity Concepts: Hydrogen Fuel Cell; Jeff and Alex talk about hydrogen fuel cells. Hear all about it!
Electricity Concepts: Insulators and Conductors; Talk show host, Miriam, discusses conductor and insulators with Maggie and Emilie!
Electricity Concepts: Solar Energy; Harnessing the suns energy: Paul and JT discuss solar energy.
Electricity History: Ben Franklin; Sabrina, Hannah, and Kara discuss the life and times of Ben Franklin.
Electricity Concepts: Semiconductors; Expert semiconductor professor, Paul, is interviewed by talk show host Robert.
Electricity History: George Ohm; Learn all about George Ohm from ALisha and Kendyl and guest, the great, great, great grandson of George Ohm, Austin!
Electricity History: Thomas Edison; Listen to the Life and Times of Thomas Edison with Josh, Scott, and Jeff!
Electricity History: More of the life and times of George Ohm; Listen to the Life and Times of George Ohm with Lauren and CLaire!
Electricity Concepts: Electrical Discharge!; Learn about electric discharge from Maia and Emily as they interview Ben Franklin
Electricity History: Michael Faraday; Listen to the Life and Times of Michael Faraday with Conor, Patrick, and Eric!
Electricity Concepts: The radio...; Learn about the radio and its inventer, Mr. Tesla from Blair, Carly, and Rachel!
Electricity Concepts: Hybrid Cars; Learn about the hybrid cars from Helen, Aimee, and Shelby!
Electricity Concepts: Static Electricity; Kenan, Kramer, and Ian talk about static electricity!
Electricity Concepts: Your electric bill!; Liz, Charlotte, and Erica explore how you may be able to save on your electric bill...!